The Avant-Garde Story

After being in the higher end car business for many years, we realized that there has to be a better way to market high-end vehicles than the traditional techniques. Traditional auction houses charge large fees and only occur few times a year in fixed locations.

Most online services such as eBay lack credibility and the traditional advertisers such as Auto Trader work fine for regular cars, but not for special ones. We are presenting cars in an unprecedented fashion, with top-notch photos and video. We want to put you in the drivers seat so you can see the car as if you were present. We also want to give you assurance of what you are buying, more than any online service has ever done and quite frankly, much more than a traditional auction house.

Over the years we have realized that if you really want things done correctly, you do them yourself. As our client, you are dealing directly with Matt or Josh, there are no salesmen involved and due to the small volume, you have 100% of our attention. We also provide excellent after sale support, we are here for you throughout the entire process, even after the transaction takes place.


Matt -

Matt has been a true car-guy since he was young.  He has a soft spot for Porsches, but enjoys all makes. His passion is at the racetrack, with several championships under his belt, and five podiums in the Rose Cup, three of which were on the top step. Matt can be found at the track in various cars, and is always there to support any other racer in need. Matts years of experience include a stint as general manager at the oldest Ferrari dealership in the US and a dealer principal at a Lamborghini dealership, in addition to a plethora of independent specialty car sales. You would be hard pressed to find anyone with more experience in luxury, exotic and classic automobile sales. With his in-depth automotive knowledge from sales to racing to the mechanical bits, Matt is happy to answer any questions you may have.


Josh -

Raised in the jungles of Indonesia with an aircraft mechanic father and a photographer mother, Josh had an appreciation for all things mechanical and artistic from an early age. Motorbikes consumed his life for many years and included a 17-year road-racing career on both the local and national scene. Now equally enthusiastic about photography and fine automobiles, Avant-Garde is the perfect expression of his combination of aesthetic and mechanical passions. Josh has brokered many high-end car deals over the years and has a very satisfied customer base. Friends with Matt for 20 years and working with him off and on during that time, Avant-Garde is the culmination of years of experience and ideas coming to fruition.


Chris -

Factory Trained, Carrera GT Certified, Air Cooled Expert
From the time he was in his late teens Chris was in the auto repair business and by the age of 21 was already building 911 engines. He has built and maintained various rare and exotic cars for a number of big names over the years. He has a real passion for bicycles and was heavily in the BMX scene for many years, both building and racing bikes. Chris is also a complete foodie and has been involved in various specialty food related projects over the years.
The bottom line is that Chris is a highly skilled technician with excellent attention to detail.

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