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We were very excited when we found this particular 911. Like many early 911s, this one was modified to the prior owners taste at great expense. What we liked about this one though, was the fact that it had the powertrain to back up the looks, which often is not the case.
This car started life in California, sold at Vasek Polaks famous Porsche dealership. Polak was known for their rare and very fast race cars in California. The car was sold originally to Larry Marlow, who was based at Vandenburg A.F.B. The car was well serviced and cared for according to the notes in the original maintenance record book that comes with the car.
In 1980 the car was modified to look like a 930, it was fitted with all factory 930 body parts. The parts alone in 1980 cost $2540, almost $10k in todays money, not to mention the labor and paint. Because they used factory parts, the fit is great and there is no fiberglass, unlike a lot of these that you see. The paint is agrey base with greenish pearl accents. We have since gotten some paint mixed and have the current formula.
The owner then wentafter the chassis and engine. Monte Sheltons legendary race tuner Dick Elverud did the engine and transmission work. Dick built and worked on many famous Porsche racecars over the years. From 906s to 935s and 917s, in addition he worked on many Lolas and McLarens; this guy is the real deal. They swapped out the engine with a 3.2 that he built on a set of new 3.0 cases. It is fitted with Dual Plug Heads, Electronic Ignition, and a lightweight flywheel. It was fully tuned to the spec of the Trans Am RSR race engines. For induction it has a set of 46mm racing Webers, these are quite rare and expensive.
Wedynoed the car and it produced 256 H.P. at the wheels, so about 295 H.P. at the crankshaft. Unfortunately, the dual plug ignition was wreaking havoc on the tach pick-up for the dyno and we werent able to get an accurate torque reading.

The suspension is much better than stock with adjustable camber plates, upgraded torsion bars, as well as sway bars. Braking is handled by Wilwood Superlight II calipers and vented rotors in the front. To match the hotrod engine, a massaged 915 5-speed gear-box was fitted with factory short shift kit, this gearbox shifts fantastically, one of the best 915s we have driven.
The car traded hands again in 2013. The owner of the car had an inspection and appraisal done, prior to his purchase. At the time the car appraised for $75-$90k. Remember, this was before the latest rise in Porsche values. This owner didnt end up driving it much and eventually traded itin to a dealership we do business with.
When we got the car, it had many modifications that were not as desirable in today Porsche world as they were in the 80s. The car had, oversized leather seats, stereo modifications, a giant wing and threepiece polished alloy wheels as well bumpers that werent great. Thankfully, it still retained all the great engine and suspension parts. After inspecting the car and deciding where we wanted to go with it, the work began. First thing in order, was a new front suspension pan from Porsche to repair the battery acid damage so typical in these. While it was at the body shop, we decided to finish it as a 74 3.0 RSR tribute. I sourced bumpers from TRE in California along with a Ducktail rear decklid. All these parts were painted to match the body color. Overall, the body and paint are in excellent condition. The car was fully color sanded and polished when it came back from the bodyshop. The biggest flaw is a chip that has been touched up on the right rear flair if you look for it, very minor. The engine got a full service, and all the fluids were replaced, including brakes and transmission. The exhaust system was in need of attention, as it was sporting some sort of Turbo Thrust, local auto parts store mufflers. We fitted a straight through dual outlet muffler with custom stainless intermediate pipes. It sounds amazing going through the gears. We also did some tidying up of wires and installed a new sound pad. Some of the oil lines needed attention, so they were addressed during the service. This car runs super strong, leaves no oil on the ground and is not smoky. The carburation is spot on, and the car has a great powerband with no stumbling or loading up.
On to the interior, we fitted 911 R styleseats, and lowered them so you have a lot of headroom, they are on adjustable sliders.
We removed the entire stereo system, including the deck and put in a radio delete panel. RSR door cards with leather straps are period correct and look great. The shifter is a Porsche factory short shift kit with a balsa-wood, 917 inspired shift knob. The carpet isa RS style perlon, just as it should be in a build like this. All the gauges work, and the dash is in great condition. We also installed the Carrera RSR graphics done in vinyl. The wheels are 17 Fuchs style Euromiesters, 8 front and 9 rears, we spent some time getting the stance just right. After driving the car we found that the shocks and bushings needed some attention. We installed new Koni adjustable struts in the front (Koni spindles) and Bilsiten sports in the rear. It had polyurethane spring plate bushings that were noisy, so we replaced them with Elephant hard rubber bushings, a huge improvement. In addition we did a few other things, restored the fan housing with a factory new housing strap, new K@N water shield air filters, steering wheel bushing, made all the lights work, upgraded the outside mirrors, and added an Elephant Racing two point Strut Tower Bar. This car is a real eye catcher; the color and graphics as well as the 930 flares make this one hard to miss. This is a car that you should be able to get in and drive anywhere. Its perfect for any Porsche club gathering, vintage rally or cars and coffee event.