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1970 Chevelle Resto-Mod
Art Morrison Chassis
2011 Camaro Powertrain
9 Strange Rear-end
Custom, Modern Interior
Impeccable Build Quality
651 Miles Since Completion

I photographed this car for a good friend of mine who is helping a friend of his with his fathers estate. The car is titled in Oregon but is currently located in Santa Rosa California.

I photo all sorts of crazy custom cars on a regular basis, however this is one of the nicest I have yet seen.

Ive included a shot of the body tag for those who care to decode what car they originally started with.

More than just your average resto-mod, this is basically a brand new car. The builder started with a one owner car and underpinned it with an Art Morrison chassis that cost over $21k.
To power the beast, they turned to a very low mileage 2011 Camaro. They took the entire powertrain as well as the front seats, center and overhead consoles.
Underpinning this new body and chassis, is top notch adjustable coil-overs, a complete Wilwood braking system, and a 9 Strange rear end.
Moving to the bespoke interior, BK Upholstery fabbed up an absolutely amazing creation based loosely on a late model Camaro. The final result is stunning and completely justifies the over $13k spent on that portion of the car.
While they were at it, all the creature comforts of a modern car were added. These include Power Windows, Door Locks, Push Button start, AC, Stereo, Navigation, Backup Camera and a Security System. Speaking of the stereo system, it is one of the cleanest installs I have ever seen, right down to the backup camera located in the trunk key hole.
All said and done there are receipts totaling over $150k, I know there was more spent even than this, there always is.
Now when you build something like this, it doesnt matter how much you spend or how trick the parts are if its not assembled properly. I can assure you that this build was put together with the utmost care and craftsmanship.
Finally, if all the components dont work in harmony, the whole project is for naught. Luckily in this case the final result is quite extraordinary. This 1970 Chevelle drives like a modern car, a good one at that! The major plus is that it looks much better than most modern designs, as it is a true classic.
It has plenty of power, steers with precision, has excellent brakes and sounds like a bat out of hell. Never in my life have I driven a resto-mod that works so well.
This was a no expense spared, no corners cut build, that is absolutely amazing.
Unfortunately, the gentleman who commissioned the build passed away not long after its completion. The car was left to his estate, along with his very nice Harley Davidson and must now be sold.
Please scroll down and look at all the photos, I went to great lengths to show every bit of this car.
This is an opportunity for someone to have a gorgeous car for much less than it cost to build, with no waiting to boot.
The car will be sold with a free and clear Oregon title.
We are happy to arrange shipping, either nationally or internationally.
Feel to email or call with any questions:
Josh 503-475-8078